Testing Out WEN by Chaz

Over the years WEN by Chaz Dean has developed a reputation for delivering quality products. They have a number of commercials showing women with beautiful hair. A huge fan, Emily McClure wanted to see if these claims were true. She decided to put WEN Cleansing Conditioner through a seven day test to see if the product match the hype. After putting the product through several test in which she used the product daily, McClure determined that WEN Cleansing Conditioner is truly a great product.
WEN Cleansing Conditioner works best for those with fine hair who take the time to shower and do their hair daily each morning. Those who don’t have the energy to do that each day may not be the best match for this sephora endorsed product. She found that the product made her hair look fabulous after each use. McClure definitely see herself using the product again.

Wen By Chaz is the creation of Los Angeles hair stylist Chaz Dean [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html]. Dean has worked in the Hollywood scene for years assisting a host of celebrities including the likes of Brooke Shields and Alyssa Milano. An early passion for photography grew into a love for hair styling. His unique WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 formula eliminating the need to buy shampoo and conditioner. It keeps hair strong, moisturized and containing it’s natural oils.

There have been over 10 million Wen products shipped since 2008 with lots of positive feedback on Amazon. The company has earned consistently high rankings from consumer product sites. It is clear that WEN takes great pride in the quality of their products and are determined to make every product meet high standards.


Andrew Wirth’s Dance with Death

In 2010, Crowdrise said that Andy Wirth came to Sqaw Valley to take on a job as CEO and president of Sqaw Valley Ski Holdings. However, that’s not all he did at Sqaw Valley. Andy loved the outdoors and during his free time, he would ski down the mountains with his friend J.T Holmes. His love for the thrill was so much that he felt like he needed a bigger challenge. In 2011, he got his wish and was certified to jump. All he did during his free time from the day he got his certificate was sky dive.

Two years into his skydiving hobby, Andy went through a life threatening accident after doing a jump. According to him, the weather conditions that day forced him to land on a vineyard and as he was busy with the landing maneuvers when a pole that was holding up the vines took off with his arm.

Andy Wirth arm gushed out a lot of blood and at that point, death seemed like a likely outcome. However, Andy did not give up the fight so soon and used his ranger skills to try and prevent himself from going into shock and oozing out all the blood. He successfully did it and after thirty minutes, the paramedics arrived and he was taken to the hospital.

Andy stayed in the hospital for three months and although he got his arm back, he was not fully fit. He worked on his fitness and after a few months, he was back to running though not at the speed he was used to. According to him, it was a difficult emotional and physical journey that required him to remain positive.

During his healing process, Andy Wirth met some navy seals with whom he shared the same interests. They did not do jumping but rather spent time cycling. Learn more about Andy Wirth: www.kcrw.com/people/andy-wirth

It was this hobby that led Wirth to push for a bicycle race by the name IRONMAN 70.3 which was also his nickname. After a while, his wishes came true and the race was granted. He decided to go for navy seals when it came to selecting a relay team.

The aim of the race is not only all fun and games but also for a worthy cause. Andrew Messick, Andy Wirth and a navy seal formed a team that goes by the name Special Warfare Warrior Support Team. Its aim is to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation. They plan on using the race to raise money. Andy sees the IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Tahoe race at the end of a tough journey and the beginning of a new life.

Andrew Wirth is 49 years and was born in Nuebrucke, West Germany. He has a rich education background having graduated from Colorado State University and Edinburgh University. His studies led him to a career in the hotel industry where he has over 25 years’ experience.

He has used his experienced to improve Sqaw Valley significantly. Probably, his greatest achievement at the company is merging Sqaw Valley with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and rebuilding the reputation of Sqaw Valley making it rank among the top 20% of the skiing industry.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows the Best of Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts

Located in the heart of Lake Tahoe, along the Sierra Mountains, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Ski resorts have become an iconic haven for skiers and snow boarders. The Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort are conveniently located 47 miles from the Lake Tahoe Airport.

Squaw Valley hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics and maintains a legacy showcasing the vibrant mountains and ski culture energy. The resorts are connected via shuttle ride and a gondola, crossing the 460 acres of White Wolf. The two resorts have been successful connected under the management of CEO Andy Wirth. An accomplished philanthropist, who also understands the importance of preservation. The land of White Wolf remained untouched during construction of the gondola.

The massive ski resorts cover 6,000 acres with an average snowfall of 460″, a total of 270 runs. 25 percent of terrain in devoted to beginners, 43 percent to intermediate riders, and 32 percent to those with advanced experience. The resort also includes 6 terrain parks, from easy-riding experiences to wide-open bowls for snow boarders.

The Sierra Mountain Resort offers a wide array of lodging.
Their standard room offers 250 square ft. It’s a cozy option for two people, with one queen bed, but no balconies, fireplaces or refrigerators.

A studio suite can accommodate up to four people. The 500 square ft offers a queen bed aside a living room with a queen sized sofa sleeper. Furnished with dining room table and chairs and TV with DVD player. The studio also comes with a complete kitchen: cooking utensils, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and stove top. The suite includes hydronic heating under the slate floor that flow from the kitchen to the bathroom.

A one bedroom suite offers a similar experience, but with a little extra space. 600 square ft with a separated bedroom and king sized bed, along with all the kitchen and living room fixtures of the studio suite.

The one bedroom suite with extra den offers 700 square ft, comfortable for up to 6 people. Master bedroom with a closet and the living room has two sleeper sofas, along with a kitchen.

The two bedroom suite offers 900 square ft and a queen sized bed in the second bedroom, along with kitchen and living room.

The resort also offers 1350 square ft two bedroom suite with two twin beds instead of the queen in the second bedroom with a closet along with a balcony and private washer/dryer.

How Helane Morrison Helped to Save the American Economy

Helane Morrison is a champion at fighting financial fraud and corporate gouging. Since attaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and then later her J.D. from the University of California, Helane Morrison has accomplished a lot during the course of her career. After graduating, Morrison worked as a law clerk from 1984 to 1986. But in 1986, she was promoted to partner at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. At that law firm, she dealt with business litigation, private securities defence, and SEC issues. Then, from 1999 to 2007, she worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission in California.

A commitment to restoring the public’s faith in the financial industry led her to Hall Capital Partners, where she currently works as a Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer. At Hall Capital Partners, she maintains a continual commitment in advocating for basic ethics and good values and exposing brokers involved in financial fraud.

Morrison’s education gave her the tools to be successful in the law and financial industries, but it was the climate of the mid-2000s which propelled her career. The Great Recession of 2007 took a great toll on the American economy causing distrust towards the financial industry and job and income insecurity. Through her work as a Compliance Officer, Morrison helped to change the climate of the American economy. Some of the work that she accomplished included discovering illegal fraudulent activities of military personnel and defending defrauded senior citizens. Furthermore, Morrison also took charge of investigations against the executive leaders of Fortune 500 companies and their suspected illegal financial activities.

White Shark Media Offers Adwords Evaluation for free

Internet marketers are always looking for a way to get the most return on their investment. Fortunately, White Shark Media Review is offering something that can help marketers achieve this goal. They are offering free AdWords evaluation to their clients at no extra out of pocket cost.

They are offering something very effective that will help their clients bring more targeted traffic to their website with the use of AdWords. They offer this evaluation service to anyone that is interested. There is no criteria that is to be met in order to qualify for this free evaluation. All that is needed is for the client to contact them.

White Shark Media is one company that is very passionate about serving their clients in the online marketing industry. Internet marketers will only be satisfied with the services offered by White Shark Media. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia

One thing that makes White Shark Media stand out from the other online advertising agencies is that they are willing to adapt according to the feedback that they receive from their clients.

The staff at White Shark Media have looked at the feedback and made adjustments to their services so that the could better serve their clients. As a result, clients have seen improvements in their campaigns. As a result, they have.

This AdWords evaluation promotion is another way of White Shark Media showing clients that they are valued and that White Shark Media wants them to succeed in their efforts. The specialist will meet with the clients in order to look at their AdWords campaign if they have one.

They will pick out the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign so that they can make the needed adjustments so that they can bring in the target traffic that they need for their business. White Shark Media also works for people that don’t have an AdWords campaign in order to help them build one. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://citrite.org/white-shark-media-review-how-to-get-a-free-adwords-evaluation/

They look at the business of the client and help them put together an ad campaign that highlights all of the strengths of the business. The free AdWords evaluation promotion is something that is worth looking into for online advertisers.

Spark Tank: Marc Sparks does it Again

Marc Sparks is a highly successful launch from your from Texas and an overall good guy judging from his history of philanthropy in the state. Marc Sparks, for those of you who don’t know, is a highly colorful individual. For those of you don’t believe me, I behoove you to read his highly entertaining book “they can’t eat you: my unorthodox path to outrageous success”.

In the book Sparks details his journey from high school C student to mega prosperous businessman. However, Sparks is not only known for his prowess in the business world. Marc is well known and loved in his native Texas for his philanthropic projects.

Over 15 years ago Marc Sparks met Lynne Spiora and together they formed the Samaritan Inn. What once began as a dilapidated homeless shelter, is now a multimillion dollar project feeding over 200 people a day. Marc and Lynne have also funded transitional living in North Texas and are currently building a family shelter. Mark and Lynn strongly believe in helping those around them.

They are so committed to philanthropy that they want to encourage and empower others to follow their example. For this reason the two of them are founded Spark Tank which seeks to provide social entrepreneurs with the funds and the accountability and management oversight to carry out and complete their projects. If you’ve ever seen the television show Shark Tank, you already have a good idea of how Marc Sparks and Lynne’s project will look.

Social entrepreneurs will present their ideas before a panel in August. These presentations should include details concerning the project as well as methods by which progress can be measured. Marc and Lynn are looking for passionate individuals committed to their projects. Anyone interested should apply before July 15Applicants must be a 501c3 organization with a minimum of two years history. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

Human services, animal services, and the arts are all eligible to apply. National charities, United Way charities, political action committees (PACs) and faith based initiatives ARE NOT eligible. Faith based initiatives for nonreligious purposes ARE eligible.

Learn more about Marc Sparks:


George Soros – The Man Who Broke The GBP

George Soros is a very smart man who has made some very smart investments throughout his career. His most famous trade, the one that netted him a cool billion dollars, was when he bet against the British Pound. Something that everyone thought he was crazy to do.

Let’s quickly recap on http://www.georgesoros.com/ what went down so you can get a better understanding of how one man, that man being George Soros, was able to break the GBP.

The date was September 17th, 1992. While most people refer to this day as “Black Wednesday“, for George Soros it was probably one of the best days of his life. According to an article published on Valuewalk.com, the market was expecting Britain to devalue their currency.

And at the time, there was nothing that could be done to prevent this from happening. It was basically a foregone conclusion. Now the world was just waiting to see if speculators had the courage to put their money where their mouth was. If they did, this self-fulfilling prophecy would come true.

Around 7:30 PM that night, a news conference was held by Lamont. During the news conference an announcement was made and low and behold, George Soros was right. Britain was exiting the ERM and their currency was floating on the market.

What happened next is something that you usually only hear about in the movies. Once Great Britain decided to float its currency on the market, the pound immediately fell 25% versus the US Dollar. It also fell 15% versus the Deutschmark.

Soros’ fund, then referred to as the Quantum Fund, had borrowed billions of dollars to make this one trade. And though it was risky, George Soros was able to secure the funds he needed to make the trade. In all the fund bet $15 billion that the value of the pound would fall versus other currencies.

Boy was Soros right. As soon as the pound floated the value of his fund increased by $4 billion dollars. It went from $15 billion to $19 billion in a matter of seconds. A few months later the fund was worth close to $22 billion. Read more at http://topics.wsj.com/person/S/george-soros/209

Being that this was a hedge fund, Soros and his partners made at least 20% of the upside which was $7 billion. They basically each made just under $1.5 billion dollars. And that my friends is how one man broke the GBP and made over a billion in one day. 

The Success of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is among the rare individuals who has had a passion for the same thing ever since an early age. In this case Andy Wirth has had a passion for combining the beauty of wildlife with business. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://andywirth.com/ and tahoetopia.com/news/interview-squaw-valley-ceo-andy-wirth

This is demonstrated by the fact that he is the current owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, a luxury ski resort located in Northern California. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located within the Olympic Valley which was once home to the Winter Olympics and is currently still useful for training athletes.

Andy With, in attempt to gain more traffic through Olympic Valley, was recently appointed to become the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Andy Wirth hopes to use this new position to gain more traffic through the area by way of airplane.

Andy Wirth knew at a young age that he wanted to have a career that involved watching and being near wildlife. In addition to this, Andy Wirth desired to share his passion for wildlife with other individuals around the world. Mr. Wirth acquired this luxury resort in 2010, and has since then made multiple initiatives to renovate the resort for a much needed upgrade.

The resort itself has been open for over 70 years with the original owners being the Cushing family. The Cushing family transferred the company over to Andy Wirth in hopes that Mr. Wirth would be able to grow the company even further and make renovations and investments for the future. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe and Andy Wirth — KCRW

Andy Wirth, since his acquirement of the resort, has set forth to start a $70 million renovation plan that will not only bring in more tourists, but will also secure the resort’s spot as one of the top resorts in the country.

Only six years after buying the resort, Andy Wirth has already improved the resort enough to be considered in the top 20 percent of resorts in the United States. Andy Wirth is considered to be an innovator and wants to continue to expand the business. His investment in technology as well as versatility has secured the resorts sport in success for the future.

Fashion & Beauty Rules that are Broken by Doe Deere

Doe Deere and her Favorite Rules to Break
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Makeup. She created stunning cosmetics that are magical, colorful, and meant for boys and girls. This is a cruelty-free makeup that does leave room for complete self-expression and freedom. Doe Deere holds the belief that beauty and fashion rules are merely suggestions. She has her own favorite set of rules that she likes to break.

A List of the Favorite
Doe Deere does have a set of favorite beauty and fashion rules that she likes to break. These are some of the most common rules that are in place and considered to be the “norm.” These rules include:

1. age appropriate dress is a must; there is no need to dress your age. you can wear bold colors at any age. Feeling and looking beautiful is great for every age

2. you must stay with occasion specific clothing and fashion; all clothing is intended to be enjoyed. The evening gown does not need to be stored in a closet. It can be worn for any occasion and will be beautiful for any occasion

3. unnaturally colored hair can only be worn with black or neutrals; Doe does not allow this fashion rule to keep her neutral and tidy. Blue and bright colored hair will look stunning with any outfit. Adding personality with color is the idea

4. don’t wear socks with open-toed shoes; socks will make your shoes and heels look trendy and stylish

5. do not mix patterns together; mixing many different patterns in your wardrobe will look fabulous. Mixing patterns add fun to your outfit

6. don’t mix a lot of colors together; extra color combinations look absolutely fabulous. Freedom and self-expression come with many colors

7. don’t wear bold on lips and eyes; the common rule has been to wear only one bold color on your face. Doe loves bold eyes with bold lips

The Magical Doe Deere
Doe Deere has a style of her own. She is unique and magical. She is highly intelligent and is a trendy and chic individual. Her Lime Crime makeup does reflect her in every way. She is not a CEO who believes in dictatorship. She is a free spirit who will encourage everyone to use makeup and allow their inner beauty to shine brightly. She holds the belief that makeup is meant to make everyone feel right and looks their best in every moment.