Fashion & Beauty Rules that are Broken by Doe Deere

Doe Deere and her Favorite Rules to Break
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Makeup. She created stunning cosmetics that are magical, colorful, and meant for boys and girls. This is a cruelty-free makeup that does leave room for complete self-expression and freedom. Doe Deere holds the belief that beauty and fashion rules are merely suggestions. She has her own favorite set of rules that she likes to break.

A List of the Favorite
Doe Deere does have a set of favorite beauty and fashion rules that she likes to break. These are some of the most common rules that are in place and considered to be the “norm.” These rules include:

1. age appropriate dress is a must; there is no need to dress your age. you can wear bold colors at any age. Feeling and looking beautiful is great for every age

2. you must stay with occasion specific clothing and fashion; all clothing is intended to be enjoyed. The evening gown does not need to be stored in a closet. It can be worn for any occasion and will be beautiful for any occasion

3. unnaturally colored hair can only be worn with black or neutrals; Doe does not allow this fashion rule to keep her neutral and tidy. Blue and bright colored hair will look stunning with any outfit. Adding personality with color is the idea

4. don’t wear socks with open-toed shoes; socks will make your shoes and heels look trendy and stylish

5. do not mix patterns together; mixing many different patterns in your wardrobe will look fabulous. Mixing patterns add fun to your outfit

6. don’t mix a lot of colors together; extra color combinations look absolutely fabulous. Freedom and self-expression come with many colors

7. don’t wear bold on lips and eyes; the common rule has been to wear only one bold color on your face. Doe loves bold eyes with bold lips

The Magical Doe Deere
Doe Deere has a style of her own. She is unique and magical. She is highly intelligent and is a trendy and chic individual. Her Lime Crime makeup does reflect her in every way. She is not a CEO who believes in dictatorship. She is a free spirit who will encourage everyone to use makeup and allow their inner beauty to shine brightly. She holds the belief that makeup is meant to make everyone feel right and looks their best in every moment.