The Dynamic Eric Lefkofsky in the Field of Cancer Care

There are many people who require cancer treatment in the United States. Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered or is suffering from cancer. The figure of the people suffering from cancer keeps going up annually. Nevertheless, there is hope from tremendous advancements that have been made by companies such as Tempus.

Healthcare is gradually taking positive strides thanks to the emergence and growth of electronic health records, commonly referred to as EHRs. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus. He never had firsthand experience with cancer treatment until his wife was diagnosed with the disease. What shocked him the most is the vacuum that exists in this field in terms of digital technology. Although a wide scope of information is collected about the history of the patient’s medical history, it seems to be underutilized in terms of treatment. This is where Tempus majors in to make better the way cancer care is administered through its platform that analyses the patient’s molecular as well as clinical data. The company strived to provide an analytics software that would offer accessible and affordable clinical as well as medical data. Tempus has gradually grown to what it is today. As the information is updated continuously, thanks to the software, doctors are able to make informed decisions regarding the care and cure for cancer as well as other diseases.

Eric Lefkofsky was born on September 1969. He is a native of Southfield Michigan. Eric attended University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he graduated with honors in the year 1991. He then earned a jurist Doctor Degree from the famous University of Michigan. Despite his line of study, which is law, he did not venture in that field. He started from very humble backgrounds where he worked as a carpet seller at the University of Michigan to the prolific person he is today. Eric Lefkosky’s net worth is approximated to be $1.6 billion. In the year 2006, this prolific man established a Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife Liz, which was philanthropic in nature so as to give back to the society.

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Omar Yunes Clear Winner of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition

Many franchisees participated in the recently held Best Franchisee of the World Competition in Florence, Italy. Participants from 34 countries took part in the event, but finally, Omar Yunes from Mexico won the competition. Omar Yunes is the owner of 13 Sushi Itto franchise and started his journey in the restaurant business at the young age of 21. The first Sushi Itto outlet was opened by Omar Yunes when he was just 21. However, even at such an early age, Omar Yunes showed excellent business skills and managed to make his restaurant a huge success. It is what helped him expand his business with time, and today, he owns 13 franchise of Sushi Itto spread through different cities in Mexico, namely Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz.

Omar Yunes, winning the BFW Competition, didn’t come as a surprise to many people in the food business as the success achieved by him is just remarkable. The value he added to the brand he represents is simply immense and it is due to him, Sushi Itto is a successful Japanese fast food chain in Mexico. Not only has helped in uplifting the image of the Sushi Itto brand, he has also helped considerably to its revenue. These and many other factors were carefully evaluated before naming Omar Yunes the winner of the BFW Competition. It is a prestigious competition and winning it would certainly help make his outlets even more popular among the people. The customer reviews that the stores owned by Omar Yunes have received over time has also played a crucial role in making him the winner of the competition. To know more about him click here.

There are many reform measures that Omar Yunes implemented in the business that helped in providing better services to the customers while improving branding and marketing of the brand in the region Omar Yunes’ outlets serves. The organizer of the BFW Mexico Chapter, Diego Elizarrarras, said that Omar Yunes emerged as a clear winner of the BFW Competition because of the business practices he follows and implements. Such business practices help in improving brand image and company’s performance while keeping revenue up and employees motivated, which were the few factors on which the franchisees were evaluated.

On the Hunt for Fugitives with Securus Technologies

Hunting for fugitives requires persistence and determination, unlike a other job around. The pressure only increases when this suspect could potentially hurt innocent people, so we have to work fast to build solid leads and take the appropriate action. This month my team was searching for a suspect who recently robbed three different armored car drivers at gunpoint. The suspect struck again last night, so we knew he was still in the area.

If we had the time, we would build a profile of the suspect and try to get the media to help, but this ticking time bomb could go off any second and kill innocent people. We knew he was hitting armored cars, we knew the area, we just needed to get a tip that would allow us to be in position to take him down without any of my team getting hurt. Rarely do these suspects work alone, and usually they are bragging about their crimes to others, we just needed to get our ear to the grindstone fast.

Our local prison makes use of the inmate call monitoring system from Securus Technologies. The system is already in several thousand jails around the country, and allows officers to be in several places as the LBS software scans the calls for unique conversations. We were hoping our suspect would be one of those conversations, so the corrections officers gave us a chance to let Securus Technologies help in this case.

There was on call from an inmate talking about getting a message to his brother to chill, the heat was getting hot, and to call him. Maybe this was our suspect his driver, or a partner? When we did surveillance on that house, it was actually the hideout for the entire crew who were involved in the robberies. We took them down and recovered the cash without any incidents.

Life Line Screening Saving Lives with Information

We are all quite aware that it is crucial to catch a life-threatening disease in its early stages to avoid it from spreading and even killing the patient. There are now several screening centers in different parts of the world that allow us to ensure we stay healthy for as long as possible. Screening is an effective way of detection of various issues that are in the colon, prostate and breast among many others.

Life Line screening is the leading community-based health screening service in the United States that focusses on preventive health. They have merchandise that is advanced in Ultrasound and is similar to those found in hospitals. Additionally, the clients who opt for the screening are attended to by highly trained healthcare professionals.

The main purpose of this establishment is to create awareness or unrecognizable health issues as well as encouraging people to have follow-up care of their bodies. Life Line Screening has a partnership with a number of insurance companies across the world to enable their clients to use screening services as well as the benefits. These insurance coverages are now widely used by various hospitals.

Oxford University carried out a clinical study that revealed that more than 290,000 vascular screenings had been done by Life Line Screenings between the year 2008 and 2012. They also revealed that cardiovascular disease affected men 10years before they affect women. These studies were incredible as they created vast awareness to many people who opted to change their lifestyle for preventive health purposes.

These screenings have encouraged individuals to know more about the risk factors of heart diseases that are promptly claiming many lives. Some of the risk factors include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, over weight, being sedentary, smoking as well as advanced age and even being a male. The screening made significant awareness on the disease and the brilliance of detecting it in its earlier stages.

To begin with, it lowers your risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. The knowledge will give you the power to fight the disease before it becomes stronger. Screening also eliminates the build-up of silent symptoms that can be fatal. These include blood pressure as well as cholesterol accumulation.

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Guide connected to the French Wines, UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a group of the finest wine enthusiasts who are not only committed but are also capable of offering guidance in connection with the available opportunities for exploitation. Its presence can be seen via Twitter as it addresses a very detailed issue since French wines presence can be somewhat intimidating. The implication is that many people including the flabbergasted specialists have varied complications alongside labeling whose that is French based.

It is significant that the beginners familiarize themselves in connection with the French system’s designation. The greater fraction of the lovers of wine is used during the viewing of the printing labels of various grape varieties. This is in line with the requirement of the UKV PLC group. Notwithstanding the fact that the tagging of the French Wines has its basis in the area of origin, it is a government regulation that the title of the place is considered as a section of the sorting. This sorts collections of grapes as well as the winemaking practices in the enhancement of the designation.

Another fact worth acknowledging is the contribution of the precise area subject towards the outcome of the terroir’s French model. It gives a demonstration of how factors such as soil, topography, climate, soil, local tradition, and altitude make every single kind of wine have distinct properties. Despite the great manufacture of wine, it is important that the starters get to understand a number of the common regions.

The firm is based in the UK and facilitates the availability of deals inclusive of different varieties of wine. Burgundy is one of the regions. The wine and red wine varieties are appropriately noteworthy at the region. Following its possession of prominent reputation in the view of its vineyard, the demand makes it quite expensive.

The company being an independent wine firm is not at all related to any one of supply restraint that is limited. It facilitates the widening of the rights of entry as well as the wines that are of high value and quality. Therefore, the features of the firm, as well as its strategies that it has, is what keeps it going. It is capable of standing out of the rest and success in the operations that it undertakes.

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James Dondero: The Return Of The Hippos

After a total investment of over $14 million dollars, in large part by James Dondero, the hippos are once again back at the Dallas Zoo! With an extensive construction and preparation period, the new exhibit became a luxurious 2.1 acre home now named Simmons Hippo Post. The new habitat at the Dallas Zoo features a realistic watering hole that is also submersible for the hippos. Additionally, there is a huge viewing underwater viewing hole that lets onlookers really get a rare glimpse at these magnificent creatures!

The huge enclosure consists of over 100,000 gallon sized waterhole. The viewing area alone is a 24 foot by 8 foot underwater hole for viewing. The viewing hole allows people to see just how alike these agile hippos are to their cousins, the horse. Every year, millions and millions of people can see the hippos in the most natural, man-made setting possible. Known as the globe’s 3rd biggest land mammal.


The last hippo to reside and die at the Dallas Zoo was Papa. Upon his death in 2001, the Zoo CEO Greg Hudson decided that until there was a more modern and safe habitat for the hippos to live in, there would not be any more hippo additions to the Zoo. The intention for this new habitat is to seamlessly blend the conservation aspects with the perfect interactive visitor experience. Mission accomplished!

The newest hippo residents to the Dallas Zoo are Adhama, a male hippo, and his female companion. These additions are known as Biopelo and originate from the Albuquerque Bio-Park. Contributors have made it possible for this habitat to continue to grow and teach for many years in the future.

James Dondero

James Dondero is a well-known philanthropist and is the founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management Lp. Highland Capital Management Lp made a large donation of $1,000,000 towards the funding of a large Lodge that is to be used exclusively for large-scale educational displays. The Lodge will also be used for various private events and functions.

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Vincent Parascandola And His Work History

Vincent works for AXA Advisors as the Vice President. He undertakes several roles in the company some of which include recruitment and retention of the employees. He also controls development, maintains productivity, improves current and skilled financial advisors and manages the sales. Vincent is well equipped in the field of financial consultancy with over 25 years of experience. With exceptional intelligence and good skills, he has the capability of running the AXA Advisory.

Vincent Parascandola has worked with other companies such as MONY life insurance where he was the manager. He started working with the AXA Advisors in 2004 as a divisional president, and since then he has been getting promotions to being the present executive vice president.

Vincent Parasccandola was also the President of the Advantage Groups, a unit of the AXA Advisors and later became the President of the company. He also served as the co-manager of the AXA’s, which has many financial officials in New York Metro Branch. Before joining the AXA Advisory, he worked with as an agent, and this is where his career began. Vincent Parascandola has earned many awards due to his excellent leadership skills. Some of the awards include; GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. Apart from his leadership skills, he also possesses some excellent public speaking skills and has he has been invited to mentor people in corporate gatherings.

At AXA Company, where Vincent works, there is equitable life insurance policy. The company is the best as compared to others when it comes to protecting its clients’ finances. Vincent has further helped families and businesses to climb the ladder in achieving financial security. Financial security helps companies to invest more thus enabling people to secure and retain jobs and also make huge profits.

He is also very social by interacting with people in social media especially on Twitter, where he gives people tips on how to lose weight within a short period. He makes efforts to meet his clients in person, which is a great gesture. Mr. Vincent holds a bachelor degree in Science from Pace University in New York.

Defy Fantasy Football Rankings’ Collective Wisdom to Find Great Value in 2017

A Pittsburgh Steeler with a lot of potential at wide receiver, Martavis Bryant was forced to miss the 2016 season due to a drug suspension. Many fantasy footballers were expecting him to have a breakout campaign and play a role in their own success, so his suspension was a universal disappointment.

In 2017, preseason fantasy football rankings project a decent year for Bryant, but few prognosticators think that he will perform like a top-tier receiver for the full season. Their caution is related to his past suspensions. If he proves these forecasters wrong and dominates his opponents, those who bet against fantasy football rankings will find great value in Bryant.

Though data driven, fantasy football rankings are not a science. After all, they deal with flawed humans. Since nobody can tell the future, fantasy footballers should think of fantasy football rankings as guides, not mandates.

Fabletics Does the Impossible

The fashion industry is a hard industry to survive; especially these days. Everybody and their moms have an online fashion store. Even worse, companies like Amazon dominate the fashion e-commerce markets. Somehow, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics found a way to thrive where others died and dried up.

Kate Hudson grew her company into a $250 million business by cashing in on the ‘activewear’ movement. Fabletic’s fashions are considered high-value even by yesteryear’s standards. Historically, high-value brands had fair prices and quality goods or services. These days, consumers care more about things like brand recognition, customer experience, and last-mile service.

After claiming a place on the e-commerce markets, Fabletics set its sights on a new goal: physical stores. Fabletic’s retail stores are beginning to appear in all the major cities. So far, the brand only has 16 stores in places like California and Hawaii. Fabletics hopes to open more stores in the coming years.

The main problem that retail stores face is known as “showrooming”. Too often, people walk around stores looking for something nice and end up buying that item from somewhere else cheaper. That would’ve been a problem for Fabletics, but Fabletic’s management is smarter than that.

Fabletics introduces itself into new neighborhoods with events and activities. People visiting the stores get to see what Fabletics is about, and Fabletics gets to know the local markets. It’s a brilliant way to build trust and relationships with current members and soon-to-be members. In short, Fabletics uses browsing to its advantage.

There have been many to review and judge Fabletics as a whole. What one reviewer concluded is that Fabletics is actually a worthy brand. The quality is actually better than she expected. Fabletic’s leggings could easily rival a pair of Lululemon leggings. The leggings also hold the compression over time.

The surprising thing about Fabletics is the sheer volume of styles. It has to be one of the largest collections of exclusive designs on the web. Fabletics has everything from simple one-color tops and bottoms to sheer fabrics with bold patterns. It would be a challenge for anyone to not finding something amazing.

The best part about Fabletics is price. Most of the time, members can get two items for the same price as one pair of Lululemon leggings. Members might be able to get two or three items.

Tempus Founder Seeks to Shift the Paradigm of Cancer Treatment

Fortune considers Erik Lefkofsky’s new venture in the article “This Is What’s Missing in the Data-Centric Approach to Cancer” by Barb Darrow.

Darrow reveals that Tempus, which is the latest entrepreneurial endeavor for Mr. Lefkosky, was created to fill a void in cancer treatment. Though there is no lack of data regarding patient information, there is a shortage of the combination of genomic information combined with therapeutic data.

Lefkofsky believes that it is by integrating both the previous successful therapeutic data with the molecular data, that doctors and researchers would have a greater insight into the proper care and treatment for the individual.

However, in the current system, most specialists simply did not have access to that information. Tempus provides the technology of an operating system that accesses a library of clinical and molecular data. By sequencing the genomes and using machine learning, doctors will be able to have a deeper and more personal understanding of each individual’s cancer.

He began the company after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. After visiting a variety of specialists and doctor’s he began to realize that they did not have easy access to the combination of genomic information and therapeutic data. Because of this, they were unable to notice the similarities and differences in treatments of people with analogous molecular data.

Eric Lefkosky wanted to create a paradigm shift in the system where doctors and clinicians would be able to interpret the data and see how different treatments work within a group of patients. The company also provides detailed analytics and reporting to help physicians interpret the data and discover actionable information for the patient.

Mr. Lefkofsky is known as a serial entrepreneur having started Groupon, Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings. Lightbank is a venture fund based in Chicago that focuses on investing in disruptive technology. Groupon is a large e-commerce platform that provides coupons for local businesses. Uptake is an analytics platform that provides predictive information for some of the world’s biggest industries. InnerWorkings provides marketing solutions for a variety of industries to learn more: click here.

Mr. Lefkofsky is also a dedicated philanthropist. In 2006, he started the Lefkosky Family Foundation with his wife in order to promote high-impact initiatives in the surrounding communities.