Vincent Parascandola And His Work History

Vincent works for AXA Advisors as the Vice President. He undertakes several roles in the company some of which include recruitment and retention of the employees. He also controls development, maintains productivity, improves current and skilled financial advisors and manages the sales. Vincent is well equipped in the field of financial consultancy with over 25 years of experience. With exceptional intelligence and good skills, he has the capability of running the AXA Advisory.

Vincent Parascandola has worked with other companies such as MONY life insurance where he was the manager. He started working with the AXA Advisors in 2004 as a divisional president, and since then he has been getting promotions to being the present executive vice president.

Vincent Parasccandola was also the President of the Advantage Groups, a unit of the AXA Advisors and later became the President of the company. He also served as the co-manager of the AXA’s, which has many financial officials in New York Metro Branch. Before joining the AXA Advisory, he worked with as an agent, and this is where his career began. Vincent Parascandola has earned many awards due to his excellent leadership skills. Some of the awards include; GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. Apart from his leadership skills, he also possesses some excellent public speaking skills and has he has been invited to mentor people in corporate gatherings.

At AXA Company, where Vincent works, there is equitable life insurance policy. The company is the best as compared to others when it comes to protecting its clients’ finances. Vincent has further helped families and businesses to climb the ladder in achieving financial security. Financial security helps companies to invest more thus enabling people to secure and retain jobs and also make huge profits.

He is also very social by interacting with people in social media especially on Twitter, where he gives people tips on how to lose weight within a short period. He makes efforts to meet his clients in person, which is a great gesture. Mr. Vincent holds a bachelor degree in Science from Pace University in New York.

Defy Fantasy Football Rankings’ Collective Wisdom to Find Great Value in 2017

A Pittsburgh Steeler with a lot of potential at wide receiver, Martavis Bryant was forced to miss the 2016 season due to a drug suspension. Many fantasy footballers were expecting him to have a breakout campaign and play a role in their own success, so his suspension was a universal disappointment.

In 2017, preseason fantasy football rankings project a decent year for Bryant, but few prognosticators think that he will perform like a top-tier receiver for the full season. Their caution is related to his past suspensions. If he proves these forecasters wrong and dominates his opponents, those who bet against fantasy football rankings will find great value in Bryant.

Though data driven, fantasy football rankings are not a science. After all, they deal with flawed humans. Since nobody can tell the future, fantasy footballers should think of fantasy football rankings as guides, not mandates.

Fabletics Does the Impossible

The fashion industry is a hard industry to survive; especially these days. Everybody and their moms have an online fashion store. Even worse, companies like Amazon dominate the fashion e-commerce markets. Somehow, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics found a way to thrive where others died and dried up.

Kate Hudson grew her company into a $250 million business by cashing in on the ‘activewear’ movement. Fabletic’s fashions are considered high-value even by yesteryear’s standards. Historically, high-value brands had fair prices and quality goods or services. These days, consumers care more about things like brand recognition, customer experience, and last-mile service.

After claiming a place on the e-commerce markets, Fabletics set its sights on a new goal: physical stores. Fabletic’s retail stores are beginning to appear in all the major cities. So far, the brand only has 16 stores in places like California and Hawaii. Fabletics hopes to open more stores in the coming years.

The main problem that retail stores face is known as “showrooming”. Too often, people walk around stores looking for something nice and end up buying that item from somewhere else cheaper. That would’ve been a problem for Fabletics, but Fabletic’s management is smarter than that.

Fabletics introduces itself into new neighborhoods with events and activities. People visiting the stores get to see what Fabletics is about, and Fabletics gets to know the local markets. It’s a brilliant way to build trust and relationships with current members and soon-to-be members. In short, Fabletics uses browsing to its advantage.

There have been many to review and judge Fabletics as a whole. What one reviewer concluded is that Fabletics is actually a worthy brand. The quality is actually better than she expected. Fabletic’s leggings could easily rival a pair of Lululemon leggings. The leggings also hold the compression over time.

The surprising thing about Fabletics is the sheer volume of styles. It has to be one of the largest collections of exclusive designs on the web. Fabletics has everything from simple one-color tops and bottoms to sheer fabrics with bold patterns. It would be a challenge for anyone to not finding something amazing.

The best part about Fabletics is price. Most of the time, members can get two items for the same price as one pair of Lululemon leggings. Members might be able to get two or three items.

Tempus Founder Seeks to Shift the Paradigm of Cancer Treatment

Fortune considers Erik Lefkofsky’s new venture in the article “This Is What’s Missing in the Data-Centric Approach to Cancer” by Barb Darrow.

Darrow reveals that Tempus, which is the latest entrepreneurial endeavor for Mr. Lefkosky, was created to fill a void in cancer treatment. Though there is no lack of data regarding patient information, there is a shortage of the combination of genomic information combined with therapeutic data.

Lefkofsky believes that it is by integrating both the previous successful therapeutic data with the molecular data, that doctors and researchers would have a greater insight into the proper care and treatment for the individual.

However, in the current system, most specialists simply did not have access to that information. Tempus provides the technology of an operating system that accesses a library of clinical and molecular data. By sequencing the genomes and using machine learning, doctors will be able to have a deeper and more personal understanding of each individual’s cancer.

He began the company after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. After visiting a variety of specialists and doctor’s he began to realize that they did not have easy access to the combination of genomic information and therapeutic data. Because of this, they were unable to notice the similarities and differences in treatments of people with analogous molecular data.

Eric Lefkosky wanted to create a paradigm shift in the system where doctors and clinicians would be able to interpret the data and see how different treatments work within a group of patients. The company also provides detailed analytics and reporting to help physicians interpret the data and discover actionable information for the patient.

Mr. Lefkofsky is known as a serial entrepreneur having started Groupon, Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings. Lightbank is a venture fund based in Chicago that focuses on investing in disruptive technology. Groupon is a large e-commerce platform that provides coupons for local businesses. Uptake is an analytics platform that provides predictive information for some of the world’s biggest industries. InnerWorkings provides marketing solutions for a variety of industries to learn more: click here.

Mr. Lefkofsky is also a dedicated philanthropist. In 2006, he started the Lefkosky Family Foundation with his wife in order to promote high-impact initiatives in the surrounding communities.

George Soros – The Man Who Broke The GBP

George Soros is a very smart man who has made some very smart investments throughout his career. His most famous trade, the one that netted him a cool billion dollars, was when he bet against the British Pound. Something that everyone thought he was crazy to do.

Let’s quickly recap on what went down so you can get a better understanding of how one man, that man being George Soros, was able to break the GBP.

The date was September 17th, 1992. While most people refer to this day as “Black Wednesday“, for George Soros it was probably one of the best days of his life. According to an article published on, the market was expecting Britain to devalue their currency.

And at the time, there was nothing that could be done to prevent this from happening. It was basically a foregone conclusion. Now the world was just waiting to see if speculators had the courage to put their money where their mouth was. If they did, this self-fulfilling prophecy would come true.

Around 7:30 PM that night, a news conference was held by Lamont. During the news conference an announcement was made and low and behold, George Soros was right. Britain was exiting the ERM and their currency was floating on the market.

What happened next is something that you usually only hear about in the movies. Once Great Britain decided to float its currency on the market, the pound immediately fell 25% versus the US Dollar. It also fell 15% versus the Deutschmark.

Soros’ fund, then referred to as the Quantum Fund, had borrowed billions of dollars to make this one trade. And though it was risky, George Soros was able to secure the funds he needed to make the trade. In all the fund bet $15 billion that the value of the pound would fall versus other currencies.

Boy was Soros right. As soon as the pound floated the value of his fund increased by $4 billion dollars. It went from $15 billion to $19 billion in a matter of seconds. A few months later the fund was worth close to $22 billion. Read more at

Being that this was a hedge fund, Soros and his partners made at least 20% of the upside which was $7 billion. They basically each made just under $1.5 billion dollars. And that my friends is how one man broke the GBP and made over a billion in one day. 

The Success of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is among the rare individuals who has had a passion for the same thing ever since an early age. In this case Andy Wirth has had a passion for combining the beauty of wildlife with business. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

This is demonstrated by the fact that he is the current owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, a luxury ski resort located in Northern California. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located within the Olympic Valley which was once home to the Winter Olympics and is currently still useful for training athletes.

Andy With, in attempt to gain more traffic through Olympic Valley, was recently appointed to become the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Andy Wirth hopes to use this new position to gain more traffic through the area by way of airplane.

Andy Wirth knew at a young age that he wanted to have a career that involved watching and being near wildlife. In addition to this, Andy Wirth desired to share his passion for wildlife with other individuals around the world. Mr. Wirth acquired this luxury resort in 2010, and has since then made multiple initiatives to renovate the resort for a much needed upgrade.

The resort itself has been open for over 70 years with the original owners being the Cushing family. The Cushing family transferred the company over to Andy Wirth in hopes that Mr. Wirth would be able to grow the company even further and make renovations and investments for the future. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe and Andy Wirth — KCRW

Andy Wirth, since his acquirement of the resort, has set forth to start a $70 million renovation plan that will not only bring in more tourists, but will also secure the resort’s spot as one of the top resorts in the country.

Only six years after buying the resort, Andy Wirth has already improved the resort enough to be considered in the top 20 percent of resorts in the United States. Andy Wirth is considered to be an innovator and wants to continue to expand the business. His investment in technology as well as versatility has secured the resorts sport in success for the future.

Fashion & Beauty Rules that are Broken by Doe Deere

Doe Deere and her Favorite Rules to Break
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Makeup. She created stunning cosmetics that are magical, colorful, and meant for boys and girls. This is a cruelty-free makeup that does leave room for complete self-expression and freedom. Doe Deere holds the belief that beauty and fashion rules are merely suggestions. She has her own favorite set of rules that she likes to break.

A List of the Favorite
Doe Deere does have a set of favorite beauty and fashion rules that she likes to break. These are some of the most common rules that are in place and considered to be the “norm.” These rules include:

1. age appropriate dress is a must; there is no need to dress your age. you can wear bold colors at any age. Feeling and looking beautiful is great for every age

2. you must stay with occasion specific clothing and fashion; all clothing is intended to be enjoyed. The evening gown does not need to be stored in a closet. It can be worn for any occasion and will be beautiful for any occasion

3. unnaturally colored hair can only be worn with black or neutrals; Doe does not allow this fashion rule to keep her neutral and tidy. Blue and bright colored hair will look stunning with any outfit. Adding personality with color is the idea

4. don’t wear socks with open-toed shoes; socks will make your shoes and heels look trendy and stylish

5. do not mix patterns together; mixing many different patterns in your wardrobe will look fabulous. Mixing patterns add fun to your outfit

6. don’t mix a lot of colors together; extra color combinations look absolutely fabulous. Freedom and self-expression come with many colors

7. don’t wear bold on lips and eyes; the common rule has been to wear only one bold color on your face. Doe loves bold eyes with bold lips

The Magical Doe Deere
Doe Deere has a style of her own. She is unique and magical. She is highly intelligent and is a trendy and chic individual. Her Lime Crime makeup does reflect her in every way. She is not a CEO who believes in dictatorship. She is a free spirit who will encourage everyone to use makeup and allow their inner beauty to shine brightly. She holds the belief that makeup is meant to make everyone feel right and looks their best in every moment.