Fabletics Does the Impossible

The fashion industry is a hard industry to survive; especially these days. Everybody and their moms have an online fashion store. Even worse, companies like Amazon dominate the fashion e-commerce markets. Somehow, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics found a way to thrive where others died and dried up.

Kate Hudson grew her company into a $250 million business by cashing in on the ‘activewear’ movement. Fabletic’s fashions are considered high-value even by yesteryear’s standards. Historically, high-value brands had fair prices and quality goods or services. These days, consumers care more about things like brand recognition, customer experience, and last-mile service.

After claiming a place on the e-commerce markets, Fabletics set its sights on a new goal: physical stores. Fabletic’s retail stores are beginning to appear in all the major cities. So far, the brand only has 16 stores in places like California and Hawaii. Fabletics hopes to open more stores in the coming years.

The main problem that retail stores face is known as “showrooming”. Too often, people walk around stores looking for something nice and end up buying that item from somewhere else cheaper. That would’ve been a problem for Fabletics, but Fabletic’s management is smarter than that.

Fabletics introduces itself into new neighborhoods with events and activities. People visiting the stores get to see what Fabletics is about, and Fabletics gets to know the local markets. It’s a brilliant way to build trust and relationships with current members and soon-to-be members. In short, Fabletics uses browsing to its advantage.

There have been many to review and judge Fabletics as a whole. What one reviewer concluded is that Fabletics is actually a worthy brand. The quality is actually better than she expected. Fabletic’s leggings could easily rival a pair of Lululemon leggings. The leggings also hold the compression over time.

The surprising thing about Fabletics is the sheer volume of styles. It has to be one of the largest collections of exclusive designs on the web. Fabletics has everything from simple one-color tops and bottoms to sheer fabrics with bold patterns. It would be a challenge for anyone to not finding something amazing.

The best part about Fabletics is price. Most of the time, members can get two items for the same price as one pair of Lululemon leggings. Members might be able to get two or three items.