Vincent Parascandola And His Work History

Vincent works for AXA Advisors as the Vice President. He undertakes several roles in the company some of which include recruitment and retention of the employees. He also controls development, maintains productivity, improves current and skilled financial advisors and manages the sales. Vincent is well equipped in the field of financial consultancy with over 25 years of experience. With exceptional intelligence and good skills, he has the capability of running the AXA Advisory.

Vincent Parascandola has worked with other companies such as MONY life insurance where he was the manager. He started working with the AXA Advisors in 2004 as a divisional president, and since then he has been getting promotions to being the present executive vice president.

Vincent Parasccandola was also the President of the Advantage Groups, a unit of the AXA Advisors and later became the President of the company. He also served as the co-manager of the AXA’s, which has many financial officials in New York Metro Branch. Before joining the AXA Advisory, he worked with as an agent, and this is where his career began. Vincent Parascandola has earned many awards due to his excellent leadership skills. Some of the awards include; GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. Apart from his leadership skills, he also possesses some excellent public speaking skills and has he has been invited to mentor people in corporate gatherings.

At AXA Company, where Vincent works, there is equitable life insurance policy. The company is the best as compared to others when it comes to protecting its clients’ finances. Vincent has further helped families and businesses to climb the ladder in achieving financial security. Financial security helps companies to invest more thus enabling people to secure and retain jobs and also make huge profits.

He is also very social by interacting with people in social media especially on Twitter, where he gives people tips on how to lose weight within a short period. He makes efforts to meet his clients in person, which is a great gesture. Mr. Vincent holds a bachelor degree in Science from Pace University in New York.